Dallas Coffee Mug Warmer

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Does your coffee always get cold while working? Not anymore.

Dallas coffee mug warmer is a solution that keeps your beverages constantly hot for even 8 hours.

You can use it to warm your beverage in less than a minute and enjoy it anytime.

Its stylish design is a great fit for your office and it can be a great gift that brings warmth to your loved ones.

Colors: Green, Pink, Rabbit Pink
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Warm Up Your Beverage In a Minute

Dallas coffee mug warmer is a cup warmer solution that supports heating at a constant temperature, heat preservation, and others. 

You can warm up beverages in 1 minute or less, and also slow down the cooling speed of your hot beverage so you never drink cold beverages anymore.

Three Modes of Constant Temperature

The coffee mug warmer is manufactured to keep your beverages at a constant temperature by your wish for even 8 hours.

Just choose the mode temperature you like, and enjoy your beverage anytime.

The coffee warmer also supports 8 hours of the scheduled shutdown to protect your property.

Great Gift for Your Loved Ones

Have a friend or lovely person that adores coffee?

This is a gift that brings warmth to your loved ones and it is a perfect present for special occasions such as holidays or birthdays. 

Dallas coffee mug warmer style and functionality can be a great fit for their office desk, home, or even for traveling. 

Suitable For Almost Any Cup

The coffee mug warmer can fit almost any cup, such as ceramic cups, glass cups, stainless steel cups, etc. 

We recommend you use the cup with a flat bottom for better and faster healing. 

You can also place a lid to cover the mug, so it will help retain the heat.

The bottom plate is made of a mat stainless steel plate which is stable and non-slip.

Easy to use and clean

It’s so practical and easy to use for anyone. 

Just press the button to turn it on and your beverage is warm and ready to drink.

Its mat panel design is easy to clean in case you’re occasionally clumsy, and you can do it with a towel after using it. 

The fireproof material and low-power heating design ensure that the warmer is never shorted.

10 reviews for Dallas Coffee Mug Warmer

  1. Kolby Ziemann

    Very fast delivery. The goods are securely packed. Fully corresponds to the description. Works fine. Great seller! Recommend!

  2. Ena Keebler

    It works! And it’s charming. Recommend.

  3. Elizabeth Miller

    This is so good! It’s honestly so nice to have a cup of tea or coffee that is hot all the way through. I wasn’t sure if I needed it before, but it has been such a useful thing to have on my desk.

  4. Dorothy kunde

    Spectacular! It works super well and keeps your favorite drink warm. So it’s worth it!

  5. Murphy Jaskolski

    They work amazingly. I have not stopped using it, so as a valuation, I can say it is wholly recommended

  6. Samanta Greenholt

    Wonderful, happy with the purchase!

  7. Marie Epperson

    As a slow coffee drinker, this mug warmer is a godsend. It does exactly as advertised and I love it.

  8. Kristan Currie

    It’s perfect. Works great. Keep the coffee warm not hot. I totally recommend it!

  9. Alvena Dare

    its absolutely great. the seller very attentive.the product is so good. now i can have may tea ang coffee anytime any where

  10. Marisa Yost

    Good packaging, goods arrived in excellent conditions. Products are working per descriptions. Good buy!

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