Griffin Desk Wooden Organizer

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Griffin wooden docking station for phones is a high-quality Solid-ash tree docking station designed for making your phone and gadgets every time in place.

This greatly designed office accessory is a great solution that will protect and hide the phone charging cable and it’s one of those gifts that no one can resist not liking.

Grab your own now!

Material: Wood
Size: 25.5 x 22 x 15cm
Colors: Pine, Carbonized Bamboo
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Everything in One Place

Can’t find your stuff or gadgets?

You think you’ve put them in a specific spot, yet somehow you can’t find them anywhere, and you’re late for work, again! 

You rush, fuss, losing a lot of precious minutes for absolutely no reason!

With Griffin wooden docking station for phone, your keys, watch, and gadgets will always be at your hand! 

So you can quietly enjoy drinking your coffee in the morning.

The Griffin wooden docking station for phone is easy to assemble, and it’s compatible with all types of smartphones. 

It also has sections for keys, wallets, glasses, documents, watches, fitness trackers, bracelets, stationary, etc.

100% Natural & Eco-friendly

This wooden docking station is made of Solid Ash-tree and covered with protective and non-toxic finishing. 

Ash-tree has a magnificent, unique structure that makes this docking station look so luxurious in your office or bedroom.

High-Quality and Strong Wood

During the manufacturing process, we use only the highest-quality wood with a polished surface covered with durable finishing.

It is a perfect solution for any interior, both classical and modern styles, especially for your office and bedroom.

Hidden and Protect Cable System

This wooden dock phone station is also created to hide the charging cable, and its front design assures the minimal visibility of the phone charging cable.

You don’t have to worry about your charging cable being damaged anymore.

Great Gift Idea Box

The Griffin wooden docking station for phones is a great surprise for husbands, dads, sons, boyfriends, brothers, friends, co-workers, or your boss.

7 reviews for Griffin Desk Wooden Organizer

  1. Dorothy McClure

    I ordered this for my husband on a whim and wasn’t so sure about it since he’s old fashioned and usually doesn’t like “new ideas” but he loves it! He’s able to just reach over and grab his phone without having to look for it on the nightstand. His nightstand looks so organized now without a bunch of different orders for all of his stuff. He doesn’t have air pods but he uses the charging slot for his vape and it’s made his mornings so much easier to be able to just grab all of his things on his way out of the house knowing everything is charged and knowing where everything is

  2. Barbara Knisely

    My boyfriend absolutely loved this!! He had been asking for one as a gift for a while, and I’m so glad I went with this one over other ones just because you could customize it. It’s super thick and sturdy, made from quality wood. Other ones I’ve seen are about half the thickness. I also love that there’s a specific spot for AirPod charging, too. 10/10. Definitely would buy it again.

  3. David Rosendahl

    It’s such a great product. The quality and color of the wood are gorgeous and the product is very useful!

  4. Samuel Anderson

    The desk item is very convenient because it holds items close by and is neatly in place on my desk. I love it! It adds beauty to my desk as well.

  5. Cynthia Luna

    This is awesome if you use a laptop – especially if you travel – a great way to always have your phone in one place – makes charging easy – was in a hotel and usually can’t find my phone – no problems this time – also makes it easy when making video calls.

  6. Joshua Kyser

    I love this product! Keeps all of my little office items neat and organized. The quality is great and looks beautiful! Great addition to any office.

  7. Charlotte Lucas

    Utilizing well! It saves a lot of space and a place for my phone to easily access and see with my remote job.

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