Stella Desk Foot Hammock

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Desk foot hammock is the footrest office solution that supports your comfort and corrects your position while sitting at your desk. 

It helps you improve your health, preventing your back, foot, hip, and feet pain supports your blood circulation, and turns the long working hours into a relaxation session.

Material: Iron solid wood, cotton canvas
Size: 65x17cm
Max weight: 100 lbs
Colors: Orange, Black, Navy Blue
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Universal Fit and Easy To Install

Our desk foot hammock is designed to be comfortable and easy to install on any type of desk with open or closed sides.

Mounting an under desk foot hammock on a closed-sided desk has never been easier! 

Pick up your screwdriver, and the rest is in the package!

To install the screws on a sided desk, the thickness of your desk has to be at least 0.6 inches(1.5cm).

If the ropes of your footrest are too long for your desk, you can adjust the length within 3 steps:

  • Remove the safety cap and pull out the rope by your wish
  • Fasten the rope at your desired length and cut off the extra rope
  • Make sure that the knot is in the safety bell and the cap is repositioned.

Healthy and Improves Circulation

Desk foot hammock is the footrest office solution that supports your comfort and correct position while sitting at your desk. 

Desk foot hammock helps you improve your health, preventing your back, foot, hip, and feet pain, and supports your blood circulation.

It helps you turn the long hours of sitting at your desk into a relaxation session.

In order to keep your legs, feet, and back happy and healthy, you have to take care of them. 

That’s why our team created this desk foot hammock – to give you a comfortable solution during the long workdays. 

Highly Adjustable

Each of us is different, so we crafted the high-adjustable leg hammock that will fit your needs.

Enjoy extra back and customizable desk leg hammock, with no limit in adjusting.

You can keep your foot rest hammock low for a normal sitting position, or you can raise it into a position that is more comfortable for lounging. 

You can also remove the fabric and use the wood bars as footrests to keep your legs moving while you’re sitting.

Recommended by Orthopedics

The foot hammock is recommended by orthopedics for postoperative recovery and for reducing back, hip, and foot pain. 

As foot hammocks are great for improving blood circulation, they are also highly useful and recommended for pregnant women.

For a correct posture without pain while working, orthopedics suggests keeping our feet on a footrest, preventing all common pains known among office workers.

High-Quality Materials

Through our entire manufacturing process of desk foot hammock, we assure that only the best materials are used for this back savior footrest. 

The highest-ranked Egyptian cotton can pass our precision, from which we carefully saw a durable material. 

Providing an intense black color is important. 

It needs to pass the washable tests before the product receives the final approval.

All foot hammocks are also reinforced with double stitching for better resistance.

Durability is something you value! 

You don’t want to end up with a broken footrest after just a few weeks of using it, right? 

Having this in mind, the wooden sticks were strengthened with rope protections that limit friction and avoid rope damage.

And on top of that, we provide you with a 1 year warranty on this product!

In case anything happens with it, without physical damage, we’ll send you a new one without any question.

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  1. Charlene Bennett

    This product is a god-send. My reality is so much more comfortable now that I can put my legs up while working. Easy enough to maneuver to your preferences. Recommends!

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