Beckett Desktop Pad

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Beckett Computer Desk Mat Pad is a two-sided pad made of waterproof leather great for desk decoration, keeping it always clean and protecting it from scratches, spills, and strains.

This large mouse pad(60*30cm) is also designed to prevent light reflection and eye irritation, so it’s comfortable for you to use electronics for a long time without eye fatigue.

Material: Eco-friendly cork & durable PU Leather
Size: 60x30cm
Colors: Apricot, Black, Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue, Olive Green, Orange, Pink
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Easy To Clean & Portable

Becket Computer desk pad is made of waterproof leather, so you can simply clean it with a towel or tissue – it easily dries. 

It’s easily portable, and you can take it anywhere you want,  just roll the pad up and tight it with the strap.

Dual-Sided High-Quality Material

Beckett computer desk pad is made of a unique eco-friendly cork & durable PU Leather – there’s different material on each side. 

It’s designed so you can use it on both sides, just turn it over, and you can utilize it, two sides, two style desk mat.

It comes with the same color strap, and it’s a great gift for family, friends, and especially yourself.

Natural Cork Texture

Cork is a biodegradable material, sustainable and renewable, and its texture and minimalist design will help you relax your mind and give you a feel of touching nature.

With Beckett Computer Desk Mat Pad extra mouse pad is not needed.

Let’s add some natural colors to your office and keep your desk in order and clean.

3 reviews for Beckett Desktop Pad

  1. Donald Cook

    My white table got so many scratches and I didn’t want to paint it. so I found this Perfect piece for work station when working from home or working on a desk. It’s a very easy size to carry around with if you require it for work. I love the fact that this leather piece is in a great quality, no too thin and makes the working station much more classy.

  2. Gary Phung

    This is my second time buying this desk mat (originally I bought pink but fancied white this time). It’s really good in quality as it’s not too thin or too thick and it’s aesthetically pleasing while protecting your desk, so you can’t go wrong!

  3. Jason Crossman

    I purchased this desk mat to help protect the surface of my new work desk and also to add a nice aesthetic touch to it.

    I went with this one as a temporary one until I can find a high quality one, but after receiving this, I don’t feel I need to, as the quality is excellent considering the price. It’s not too thin but not too thick either. A lovely soft touch finish to it and my mouse glides across it effortlessly.

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