Magnus Adjustable Laptop Stand Holder

10 customer reviews


Adjustable Laptop Stand Holder is a perfect and lightweight addition to your office that helps you organize your desk while maintaining a clean and luxurious style. 

Not only it adorns your office, but this ergonomic accessory helps you sit properly adjusting the best position of the screen for your back, and prevents your laptop from overheating.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 24x16cm
Weight: 230g
Color: Silver
Folding thickness: 1.4cm
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Light, Portable, and Easy To Fold

This creative, portable, and foldable laptop stand holder weighs only 230g and comes with a portable storage bag that makes it easy for you to carry and use at the office, home, or anywhere.

It’s a great replacement for your cooling pad, so you don’t have to carry it everywhere when you have this perfectly designed foldable stand.

Adjustable Height for a Perfect Angle

Using this laptop stand holder, you don’t have to stop being productive just cause you plopped down on the couch after a hard day of work.

The laptop stand holder has 6 adjustable heights that you can adapt to a comfortable operating angle based on your current needs. 

It fits every type of laptop, including the ones with docking station ports, and it lets you fix your posture while making it easy for you to type and keep your hands in a natural position.

No More Back Pain

Giving some attention to our health and the way we sit and work is just what the doctors ordered for our wellbeing.

With the laptop stand holder, you can adjust the laptop to the most comfortable position for typing and viewing the screen, so your back isn’t all cramped up from hunching over your keyboard when typing! 

The Laptop Stand Holder elevates your laptop to an optimal height and helps you reduce your neck strain and your working on your laptop more comfortable and convenient.

Great Cooling System

The laptop stand holder made with aluminum material presents a great heat sink for your laptop. 

The minimal design with the opening at the bottom of the laptop stand holder enhances airflow and prevents your laptop from overheating.

Get your thinnest and lightest adjustable laptop stand holder now!

10 reviews for Magnus Adjustable Laptop Stand Holder

  1. Marcus Jones

    Works great. I wanted something I could gently rest my hands on without it collapsing and the resistance is perfect. I don’t put my weight down on the laptop, but just enough so that my arms don’t get tired for a while.

    The pictures are accurate. I really like how this has adjustable bolts (10mm), which I used to increase the tension slightly.

  2. Eleanor Marcy

    I used this for teaching during distance learning. It was easy to use and set up.

  3. Josh Davis

    It was exactly as was advertised and exactly what I was looking for. Good product

  4. Samuel Russel

    I have a very tight space to work with and with a laptop + a monitor this has helped me fix my desk to be more ergonomic.

  5. Morgan Nelson

    Got this purpose-intended as I needed to view my laptop screen upright without staring down at an angle. Does the job well. Very sturdy and is easy to set up. Highly recommended.

  6. Daniel McGraw

    It’s light, sturdy and adjustable. It folds up for easy storage

  7. Steven Morales

    This stand is very compact, light, and sturdy, won’t add weight to the mobile setup.
    Like the fact that it includes a pouch to protect it while transporting.
    It won’t slip or scratch the equipment at all, has rubber feet in all surface contact points, and can easily handle the weight of my 15.4 MacBook or 15.6 HP omen.

  8. Simone Argerich

    I take this and set it up everywhere I go. additionally, since I have the magic keyboard and track 2 my workflow feels more efficient somehow since I’m able to sit straight due to this stand.

  9. Jimmy Peters

    Truly lightweight and feels sturdy and well made. I appreciate the cloth bag for transporting it so it can’t get tangled up in the cord when in a bag. The range of adjustment has made it great for use at a desk, and on planes and trains. It holds my MacBook Air securely and the rubberized contact pads keep it from being jostled off the stand.

  10. George Cohen

    Nice stand. Hold the laptop nicely. Doesn’t take up any extra space.

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