Sargent Laptop Phone Holder

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Laptop Phone Holder is an office gadget that mounts a smartphone for Laptop or desktop monitor so you can check your phone every moment and use it easily. 

It fits any kind of flat computer display, so you can enjoy a dual-screen at the same time, easily check text messages, and answer calls, which helps you improve your efficiency.

Material: Nylon plus fiber
Size: 12 x 3 x 0.5cm
Color: Silver gray
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Strong Magnetic Hold

The strong magnetic hold will keep your phone on the laptop and help you get a multi-display view, extend your screen, and increase your productivity by holding your focus on screens.

Even if your mobile phone is in silent mode, the laptop phone holder will take care, so you don’t miss any important information.

It’s made of complimentary two ferrite magnets and a bracket sticker.

One magnetic piece needs to stick on the back of your phone, and the other one is for spare.

Wide Compatibility

Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder is compatible with every 4-8 inches smartphone.

Also, you can use it as a headphone holder to eliminate your desk clutter.

It’s especially suitable for studying, working, watching movies, gaming, or doing live streams.

Its innovative design for dual monitors will help you extend your screen, increase your productivity and multitask at the home, office, or on the way.

Easy To Install and Use

With the laptop Phone holder’s smart magnetic design you can firmly position the mobile phone next to the laptop or display.

It’s easy to install on your laptop, carry and use.

Using a laptop holder will help you easily perform multiple tasks between phone and laptop without picking up the phone, and it is easy to remove when needed.

4 reviews for Sargent Laptop Phone Holder

  1. Rebecca Blevins

    This will help you manage the whole concept of working while doing something else. Whether its watching a movie or listening to music. This little device will give u easy access to your inseparable device. A+.
    Buying a second one.

  2. Amy McCabe

    Not a bad concept, but not ideal if you want/have a cover on your laptop. But great for people who multitask. But I ended up taking it off because I’d rather protect my computer.

  3. Rose Deines

    I got a new job and it’s my first office job. I use my phone and my laptop the entire time I kept setting my phone in different areas and even just having to grab it and check messages, this just saves time did all that. It’s convenient and just makes work more efficient!

  4. Avis Burke

    I just installed the device on my computer, took a full 23 seconds. I really like it because I didn’t even need to add the little magnet to the back of my phone because my phone case has a magnet built-in. Very easy to clip on and off.

    Solid work and product. Will recommend it to my friends.

    I like it because I can keep my phone up and use it as an extension to my computer and my efficiency with work is already showing results.

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