Quinlynn Screenbar Led Desk Lamp

2 customer reviews


Quinlynn Screenbar Led Desk Lamp is a lightweight and straightforward lamp that doesn’t occupy your desk and enables you to read without disturbance.

You can adjust the color temperature in just a single click and enjoy the light that protects your eyes, supporting the 3 light modes.

Color: Space Grey
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
3 lighting modes: White light, warm light, and mixed light
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Three Lighting Modes

Make your work or studying more efficient with the Quinlynn Screenbar Led Desk Lamp that is comfortable and protects your eyes while working.

It supports 3 lighting modes: 

  • White light, 
  • warm light and 
  • mixed light

In a single click, you can adjust the color temperature in the range 2900K-5000K and enjoy your reading and comfortable viewing with its soft light.

Easily Adjustable

Easily adjust the gravity base to a most comfortable angle by rotating the shaft and fix the lamp to make it hang directly on display.

It’s simple and lightweight, beautiful and practical, made of lightweight luxury aluminum alloy materials, and does not occupy desktop space so you can position it looks good for you.

Compared to an ordinary desk lamp, it saves you 100% of desk space, so the minimalism on your table was never more effortless.

Easy to Set and Use

Quinnlyn Screenbar Led Desk Lamp will improve your view for everyday computing, and it’s easy to set and use.

Just seal it up where you want it to be positioned and enjoy its light.

2 reviews for Quinlynn Screenbar Led Desk Lamp

  1. Brett Lowry

    It’s a useful addition to add task lighting to any workspace. My ceiling light is a strong harsh bright cold white light which is too much for daytime or working into the night. In the evenings and morning, the screen bar is on ambient mode which has soft lighting which is enough to read and write notes on the desk with indirect daylight from a window.

  2. Andrew Edwards

    This light is exceptional in every respect, 1st, the quality & build, could not ask for better. the function of the controller I thought when it first arrived I did not like the idea. But after using it for the past 7 weeks it is a boon, easy control of brightness, color on or off even auto-dimming, so intuitive. The light sits comfortably on the top of my monitor and even after many hours of being on, it it has never got hot. It is nearly always cool to the touch which is amazing considering the number of led’s and that it is fully enclosed. Cost is not an issue when you get an aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive great functioning light.

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